I started writing songs for this album around 1995. The song Sing a Little Song goes back even further and was written while I was in my first original band Graffiti in 1991.

I started recording with Don Mekilok in his home studio (which was his apartment) in 1997. Later the production was moved to a bigger studio owned by Don and John Beavis using an early version of protools and some focuscrite red preamps.

The album wasn’t released till 2012 even though it was actually my first album. Myself and Troy Tilley and Fred Norman went on to preform the music live at various Vancouver venues like the Whip Gallery, the Railway Club and Cafe du Soleil in 1997-98.

One particularly good gig was at the Starfish room opening for local band Jazzberry Ram. The cover with the ant and screw was later a stamp in my album booklet for the song Strength on my second album Souvenirs.

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Song Notes

  • Shadows – written as a tribute to my dad who had recently had a stroke.
  • The Street King – 1st piece recorded.  A poetry added version of one my moms song
  • Strength – recorded again later (a slicker version) on my second album Souvenirs.
  • Think That You Can – inspired by a poem of the same name that my dad had found and framed and placed on the wall when I was a child.
  • Judge Them Not – wasn’t recorded till much later in 2002

Album Art & Credits