Forever Run

I started working on the material for this album around 2009. It was recorded by Don Ellis at his home studio on Cornwall Avenue, then at the old CBC building in downtown St. John’s and finally at Don’s current recording studio on Mount Scio Road.¬†Finished recording the winter of 2010 and it was released in 2011.

Forever Run contains a softer melancholic and wistful set of songs reflecting a particularly hard time for me emotionally from an artistic point of view. I experimented using mostly the lower range of my voice on this album. As well I used one nylon string Yamaha guitar as the focal point of the album and then built the other instruments in around. The bg vox were preformed by Dana Parsons and Janet Cull.

It received a music NL grant towards recording it. The song Last Chance At Romance contains a guitar solo I’m proud of playing.

Have a listen…


Credits and Lyrics