My first classical guitar instrumental album is now available!!

Listen to it here (need link).  The CD is available for download or purchase it  at Fred’s records on Duckworth street. Art work is the creation of  Jud Haynes. He considers the “Lavender” album cover to be one of his finest. (See art below.)

I started writing compositions for this album in 2009 but some health issues delayed its released. I’m quite glad to finally release it!

Top players from and/or connected with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra make guest appearances on this album. These include: Bill Brennan, Doug Vaughan, Brian Way and Cathy Ward. They add lovely accompaniment to my arrangements.

This is an album of soft, reflective and inspiring moods that I’ve tried to create with my guitar. My intentionally limited production lets the ideas breath nicely, in contrast to some of my more intense rock albums.

** Bill Brennan’s solo piano version of my piece “lavender” is particularly worth a listen!**

Enjoy and tell your friends if you like!

Have a Listen….


Album Art & Credits