Happy Again

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CD: Souvenirs by Andrew Pike

The Story…

Expressing how a couple can be struggling and find themselves wondering how everyone else can seem so darn happy. Trying to find a way to surf above all the blue feelings and to stay true to why they got together in the first place.


written some 20 years ago and i recorded several different versions. Inspirational simple song about traveling through life with a love interest and finding strength in each other through the tough times.

Good Song

CD: Souvenirs by Andrew Pike

The Story

I was playing in a Newfoundland Greek band called The Forgotten Bouzouki. Thought I would borrow a bouzouki for the track. Song has a bit of an Elton john feel to it as well. The premise… a musician is comforting an alcoholic with a song he’s singing for her at the pub.

Convicts in the Sky

CD: Souvenirs by Andrew Pike

The Story

A 27 years of age stuck in limbo song. This song could be part ghost story as well. A bit brighter towards theĀ end. Like purging what we need to and then happily moving on.

Wash Me To A Different Place

Everyone would like to just take off sometimes. Start a new life… i’d personally rather take a boat there though then a cramped plane for the excursion.

Third Wheel

CD: Souvenirs by Andrew Pike

written from the female perspective. A friend love triangle. The girl who’s always stuck in the backseat really has feelings for the driver but he’s involved with the girl to his right. But he’s been falling for her friend sitting there in the back seat. He has written a tune or two for her. Its complicated.

Vancouver Song

two Canadian street kids living right on East Hastings.. the girl a street vender, the guy a squeegee kid both are tired of there situation and are always cash broke. Figured they’d head back to Toronto and try to make a go of it out there. All they got is each other.